The one-stop shop for your research projects.

Coscine is the integration platform for your research data. It simplifies metadata management, project member management, and allows you to conveniently archive research data. Researchers at participating universities can start using Coscine now.

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Connect your data sources

Coscine integrates the Research Data Store (RDS.NRW), an S3-compatible object storage, and will also integrate Gitlab repositories in the future to display all project-relevant research data at a glance.

Manage your Metadata

Coscine can describe data from different sources with metadata, so that external repositories also meet the requirements of modern research data management. Coscine allows metadata schemas to be defined per data source in order to assign precisely fitting metadata. The selection of metadata schemas is continuously extended.

Give your project partners access

Collaborative projects require easy, shared access to project-specific data. In Coscine, partners from different institutions can access research data jointly and easily. Registration via ORCID and DFN-AAI allows cooperation across universities and national borders.

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A short introduction to Coscine

An interface for your research project

Coscine helps you keep track of all aspects of your research projects and data.

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Uncomplicated data access

New project members get easy access to all relevant data sources; even if they work at a different institution.

Make your data FAIR

You can continue to use popular services; Coscine helps you meet FAIR principles nonetheless.

Modern metadata management

Enrich your data with metadata to enable searching across multiple data sources.

We are in our open pilot phase

Use Coscine and help us develop the platform further.