Coscine Python SDK Docs 📚

You use the Coscine Python SDK to interact with the Coscine REST API from Python. The SDK provides a user-oriented high-level and object-oriented API as well as low-level methods for easily extending the functionality and implementing custom routines.
It is aimed at developers of all levels of experience - this specifically includes those who may not have comprehensive programming expertise and just want to “get stuff done” (i.e. the vast majority of people reading this). Therefore this documentation provides copy-pastable examples specifically tailored for those kinds of people as well as in-depth guides for those, who would like to delve deeper into implementation details.

Recommendations 🤓

Vim, emacs and nano users may want to scroll past this paragraph…
It is recommended to use an advanced text editor or integrated development environment (IDE) for writing programs with the Coscine Python SDK. Tools like Visual Studio Code make use of the docstring annotations inside of this packages sourcecode and display a detailed description for most of the classes and functions exposed by this package directly in the editor. Obviously you could also use a simple text editor like notepad, but your experience will be severely impacted by your choice of tool.

Feedback 🙋

If you stumble upon an error and believe it is related to the Coscine Python SDK you are more than welcome to report it. Active collaboration, bug reports and feature requests are very welcome. To report a bug or to request a feature simply open an issue on the projects issue tracker.
To contribute features that you have developed yourself and believe to benefit everyone if integrated into the SDK you may also open a new merge request.